Mr. Oizo’s debut LP All Wet is out today, and the Ed Banger Records producer has shared a wacky video compilation to give you a taste of what to expect. Filmed entirely in Los Angeles, the Ed Banger family recruited Flying Lotus to pose as Skrillex, and have a creepy Donald Drumpf puppet lip-synching the lyrics of a couple tracks. Mr. Oizo’s signature stand in yellow puppet Flat Eric makes a solid appearance throughout DJing his way through the snippets.

Based off the music clips alone, we’re pretty sure the album sounds like it bangs.

Watch the All Wet video compilation above.

All Wet LP Tracklist:
01 OK Then
02 Sea Horses [ft. Tetanus]
03 Freezing Out [ft. Peaches]
04 Oiseaux
05 Ruhe [ft. Boys Noize]
06 No Tony [ft. Phra]
07 End of the World [ft. Skrillex]
08 The One You Buy
09 All Wet [ft. Siriusmo]
10 Chairs [ft. Mocky]
11 Your Liver
12 Hand in the Fire [ft. Charli XCX]
13 Low Ink
14 Goulag Drums
15 Useless