So you’ve decided to do your bit for men’s health this month, good on yah.

While some see the next thirty days as annoying and gross, other (more-informed) humans know Movember is the time when men and woman from around the world rally together to fight the good fight against prostate cancer, testicular cancer and poor mental health.

Sure, it can be easy to sit back, do nothing, and lash the cause for not being as popular as it once was. But it’s still the movement that raised over $17 million dollars in Canada alone last year. What have you been up to?

Now, a job worth doing is worth doing right. This being my seventh moustache for men’s health, I’ve put together a list of ten must-haves for any hairy journey.

1. Harry’s Starter Set (Razor + Cream)

You’re going to need this razor/cream set to kick the month off proper, not to mention trim your way into moustache lore over the next thirty days.

kent-mo-comb2. Kent Mo Comb

Once your Mo begins to show, you’ll need to comb it into submission with one of these hand-made KENT combs.

penhaligons-moustache-wax3. Penhaligon’s Moustache Wax

There’s only one suitable wax for the properly grown Movember moustache, and of course it’s from the UK.

movember-collection4. Movember Collection

Swing by the official Movember Collection store, where 100 percent of the profits go back into the men’s health foundation. We’re digging the Keep It Neat tee and the Mo Bro Toque.

apple-watch-nike5. Apple Nike + Watch

Treat yourself. After all, you’re doing it for men’s health, so why not shut off your 3rd binge-marathon of Stranger Things and go for a run?

6. FIFA 2017

You’re going to want to pick up the newest instalment of the smash hit EA SPORTS franchise, word has it the electronic players will be growing moustaches too (along with other Movember perks).

pup-the-dream-is-over7. PUP “The Dream is Over”

It’s been proven that a quality punk record WILL make your moustache growth thicker.

blind-barber8. A visit your local Barbershop

Once that moustache is at a presentable length, make sure you get it trimmed by a professional. From Toronto? We recommend Town Barber. New York or LA? Check out Blind Barber.

9. Just for Men

25 days in and still can’t tell? Nothing wrong with a little bit of cheating to darken things.

bellwoods-brewery10. A pint.

This one’s cheap. Grab a buddy who might not be trending well and get a drink. After all, we’re in this together.


Make sure you take a tour by the official Movember website, register your effort and donate to a friend. We wish you the best of luck over the next month of moustache mayhem. Did we miss anything? Let us know on twitter.