Music Video | The xx “Crystalised”

When I wake up in the morning on the weekends, I like to drink my coffee and chill whilst I collect my thoughts from the night before. When I do this I usually through on some music to help me regroup. This morning I threw on The XX‘s self-titled album while I did this somewhat standard ritual, and I have to say I am falling deeper and deeper in love with them.

The internet hype machine is working in overdrive, coupled with a stellar review from the on-line hipster bible Pitchfork and these guys seem destined to sky-rocket to the top.  Of course like most people, the moment I hear all this hype, and the obligatory “pitchfork says” comments, I shy away immediately. As a friend of mine put it “the pitchfork cultural is both good and bad for a band, because all the mindless drones follow their words like it is a religious text without any sense of personal taste.

Fundamentalism is bad no matter who you are.” I could agree with him more.  Fundamentalism is a very dangerous thing, and the hype can backfire and give a bad who has no talent an unfair advantage and can even be detrimental to a really good band because of the pressure of that hype.

Regardless of all this I do have to say that there is something very moving in The XX‘s music. It was the perfect soundtrack to my Sunday morning, and I really must insist that you all check them out, you will not regret it.  And don’t forget to get your tickets to see them perform live at the Phoenix Concert Theatre when they open for Friendly Fires.

Watch the video for “Crystalised” below.