Hotter temperatures and high humidity mean we needed to start changing up our beauty regimens and FAST. After battling dry hair and lips, we put together eight amazing products to help your through the heat wave and prepare you for the ever impending rest of summer.

Fountain The Glow Molecule
Fountain: The Glow Molecule

This little gem of a supplement is the perfect way to achieve that dewy glow everyone wants during the summer. Two teaspoons a day (mixed in water and/or juice) will help to boost the natural glow of your skin, and keep you looking radiant all summer.

Haconut Hydrating Hair Mask
Haconut Hydrating Hair Mask

This Vegan cruelty-free hair mask is a made from a blend of tropical oils (and it smells incredible!). The mask helps to restore hair to its former glory, keeping it nourished, shiny and full of moisture. Before you’re ready to apply this mask, ensure that it’s refrigerated for 30 minutes. Find the Haconut Hydrating mask online or in-store at Urban Outfitters.

Eyeko Fat Brush MascaraEyeko Fat Brush Mascara

It’s important in hot weather you have a trusty mascara that won’t run its way down your face by the end of the day. This Eyeko fibre-enhanced mascara is water resistant and smudge-proof. The thick bristles in the brush create intense volume and coats each lash evenly. The Eyeko formula is created with Keratin, which also helps to nourish and condition lashes.

Tarte Better Bod Bronzer ContourTarte Better Bod Bronzer and Contour

Nothing says summer like a golden tan. Putting on your favourite summer dress, with your have-yet-to-see-the-sun-legs is not an option. This matte bronzer is made from a blend of maracuja, Vitamin A, Vitamin E and mineral pigments, that leave your skin feeling smooth and looking golden. This bronzer also comes with an application mitt allowing for a streak-free tan minus the orange hands. Find the Tarte Better Bod Bronzer and Contour at your local Sephora.


If you haven’t heard of Olaplex, now is the time to be informed. If you’re like me and enjoy changing your hair colour often, Olaplex is going to be your new best friend. It’s a three-step process that helps to keep the bonds of your hairs connected. Anytime a chemical process (i.e hair dye, or perm) is done, bonds are broken, which is innately causing your hair damage. Dying hair with Olaplex helps to prevent this and keeps your hair healthy and soft. Many salons in Toronto offer Olaplex treatments, but it’s a bit more expensive than your normal dye but definitely worth it for your hair.

Marc Jacobs Glow StickMarc Jacobs Glow Stick

Like I’ve said and will always say, there’s nothing as fresh and beautiful as glowing skin. Thanks to Marc Jacobs and his universal illuminator, we now have a portable illuminator that we can take on the go, that blends perfectly into all skin types. Marc Jacob’s beauty products are available online as well as at select Sephora locations.

Milk Makeup Balm Tint SPF 30Milk Makeup Balm Tint SPF 30

SPF protection is important, especially when it comes to your lips. They’re are often exposed to the sun, and tend to dry out quickly in the heat. Milk Makeup offers four beautiful Balm Tints (Clockwork, Cherrybomb, Babe, and Real-ish), all with SPF 30, leaving your lips looking glossy, perfectly tinted, and protected. Made from a mix of shea butter, coconut, avocado, and sunflower seed oils, they also help to nourish and moisturize lips. Milk Makeup is now available online at Sephora.

instamarc Contour Powder#Instamarc Contour Powder

The #Instamarc contour powders are stunning. They’re probably my favourite product to contour with as the shades are matte and the colour tones are very natural. The powder itself is a very rich formula which allows for easier blending when creating dimension. The #Instamarc Contour Powder’s are available in three combinations and can be purchased online as well as at select Sephora locations.