After reading our fair city of Toronto only received 55 hours of sun since in January, we thought we’d put together a list of products sure to make you smile and feel sunny during the gloomier months. From invigorating shower and bath products to soft shadows and floral scents, we have you covered.

Read on beauty lovers!

Moon Juice Beauty Dust

It’s true what they say, beauty does really come from within, or at least with Moon Juice Beauty Dust it does. This magical powder helps to calm nerves, increase collagen and firm tissue. It’s the perfect concoction to keep your hair, nails, and skin looking perfect and strong. You can add Moon Juice Beauty Dust to your smoothie, juice or tea! You can even check out their website for a Moon Juice Chocolate Milk Recipe. Find Moon Juice Powders online or in-store at Urban Outfitters.

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea – Eyeshadow Palette Volume II

As much as we’d like to wish the warmer weather was on the way, we still have a few more months of frigid to go. The Tarte Rainforest of the Sea eyeshadow palette is the perfect combination of cool shades to match the long Canadian winter. The palette contains eight coordinating shades that allow for perfect day-time looks and stunning, smoky eyes for a night out. The shadows are a cream to powder formula and blend effortlessly, without any creasing. You can purchase Volume I and Volume II Rainforest of the Sea at your local Sephora.

Miu Miu Eau de Parfum

A combination of lily of the valley, akigalawood, and sandalwood create a sensual and elegant backbone for this floral scent. Notes of jasmine, rose absolute and synthetic greens, give this scent its floral tone. This beautifully bottled eau de parfum will keep you smelling delightfully fresh all spring. You can purchase this perfume in three different sizes at your local Sephora.

Chanel Blue Serum

Chanel has created one of the most revolutionary skincare products of the year. The Blue Serum was created with three main ingredients, from three locations where people are known to live longer. Green coffee from Nicoya, Costa Rica, bosana olives from Sardinia, Italy, and lentisk from Ikaria, Greece, make up this powerful concoction. The serum helps to nourish, and firm skin, keeping it young and youthful with continued application. If applied every morning and night for four weeks, you should see a more even skin tone, less wrinkles and an over all smoothness to the face. You can purchase your Blue Serum at your local Holt Renfrew or Hudson’s Bay Company.

Anthony Invigorating Rush Hair + Body Wash

If you’re reading this, we’re almost sure you have cupboards or bins of products you don’t even know you own. Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Not often enough, a 2-in-1 product comes along that literally blows your mind. Anthony Invigorating Rush Hair + body Wash will make you smile with joy. It’s a soothing formula that refreshes and invigorates the scalp and skin while cleansing and conditioning simultaneously. The bold, woodsy scent is delicious and will surely be appreciated by anyone in close proximity to you.

FIRST AID BEAUTY – Hello Fab 3 in 1 Superfruit Colour Correcting Cushion

Being a makeup artist, it’s important and especially savvy to use products that work for every skin tone. The Colour Correcting Cushion by First Aid Beauty is a great product to brighten dull skin, decrease any redness or discolouration, and even out overall skin tone. The winter months are very harsh on our skin and can cause a lot of uneven tone and redness, so this is a key product whether you apply it alone or before foundation. The mix of dragon fruit, kiwi, and blueberry extracts helps to soothe and refresh skin (another bonus for the winter months!).

YSL Beauty La Laque Couture Nail Lacquer in Gallery Beige

We’ve long been obsessed with YSL Beauty’s Nail Lacquer, not only because of the incredible brush, but also the carefully curated colour options. We love when we come across versatile colours like Gallery Beige which you can pretty much wear in any season – why not match the weather outside to your nail colour ?. The La Laque couture long wear formula moisturizes and protects polish from chipping and has a new custom-made brush that makes application super easy (plus it dries super fast!).

LUSH Love Struck Bubble Bar

There’s something to be said about a hot bath on a cold gloomy day and nothing says bathtime like a LUSH Bath Bar. This adorable, smiley love bar is created from a mix of Sicilian lemon and geranium. Once dropped under running water this freshly scented bath bar will expand into mountains of fluffy colourful bubbles. This is a perfect bar to share with that special someone or be greedy and enjoy your own bubble bath like a boss. This limited edition bath bar is only available until Valentine’s Day, so be sure to get you hands on 1 or 10 before then!

Milk Makeup x UO Charcoal Cleanser

As soon as you see the word charcoal in a cleanser or facemask you’re definitely going to want to test it out. When activated charcoal almost acts like a magnet, helping to pull out any toxins, dirt, and other impurities that settle into your pores over the course of a day. The Milk Makeup x UO cleanser consists of a charcoal taken from ubame oak trees. This specific type of charcoal aids in absorbing any excess oils that lie on the skin’s surface. This cleanser will moisturize and balance your skin and leave it clean and refreshed. You can purchase the Milk Makeup x UO Charcoal Cleanser at Urban Outfitters.