Monocle Magazine has just released the results of their yearly Quality of Life survey. Once again Tokyo tops the list as the worlds most liveable city, which is definitely no t a shocker if you’ve ever visited this wOrme class city.

Monocle puts cities through quite the series  of riggers in order to accurately rank each city, this year adding nocturnal liveability to the list. Othet metrica include transit efficiency, closing times of shops, crime rates, the number of indie bookstores, nightlife, and more.

They produced a video highlighting why Tokyo is so habitable (especially at night) to mark their win yet again this year.

Check out the other cities that made the cut below and push play on the video above now.

25. Montreal
24. Portland
23. Honolulu
22. Auckland
21. Amsterdam
20. Singapore
19. Barcelona
18. Hong Kong
17. Düsseldorf
16. Lisbon
15. Hamburg
14. Madrid
13. Zürich
12. Helsinki
11. Vancouver
10. Stockholm
09. Kyoto
08. Sydney
07. Fukuoka
06. Melbourne
05. Munich
04. Copenhagen
03. Vienna
02. Berlin
01. Tokyo