Milosh (of Rhye) “This Time” Music Video

Milosh of Rhye This Time Music Video

Beautifully moody electro band Rhye’s Michael Milosh has released the a new music video for his solo single “This Time” from his upcoming Jetlag album. The video features Milosh and his wife Alexa Nikolas traveling the world together last year with Rhye. Here’s what Milosh had to say about the video:

This is a video that Alexa and myself put together that is essentially a collection of footage over this past year while we traveled the Rhye record around the world. We went to 40 separate places in a span of about 6 months and we got to see some beautiful places as a result. We tried to set aside time in between performances to see things, just take them in and enjoy ourselves. We choose to use this footage for this video as it fits the whole message, the point of the song perfectly. Enjoy the opportunities now while you have them, they are not always going to be there. Traveling is one of the most important, mind broadening things one can do, being able to do that together has been beyond a blessing.

Good point. Watch the happy, fun-loving video below.