Milla Jovovich performs in Tara Subkoff’s ‘Future/Perfect’ Art Installation

Milla Jovovich  Future:Perfect Art Installation

We’re reminded of Tilda Swinton’s artful appearance sleeping inside a glass box at the MoMA a couple of months back when we heard Milla Jovovich spend six hours inside a transparent structure in the Garden of the Malipiero Barnabò Palace staring in Tara Subkoff’s art installation. The concept of “Future/Perfect” and Jovoich’s performance was to assume the character of the consumer, reaching the outside world through technology.

Inside the transparent box were famous works from Marella among quite a few other objects that get sporadically dropped in through the top of the roof until Milla is quite literally buried and falls asleep.

Interesting stuff. Take a look through the photos below.

Milla Jovovich  Future:Perfect Art Installation-2

Milla Jovovich  Future:Perfect Art Installation-3

Milla Jovovich  Future:Perfect Art Installation-4