Live Music: Midnight Juggernauts in Toronto

Last night we witnessed some good old fashioned dance music, not from a computer or turn table but with full band, just the way Australia usually brings it (read, Cut Copy). Melbourne’s trio (and sometimes quartet) Midnight Juggernauts jammed out hard in their second last tour date after a long haul around the world and we’re happy to say they didn’t seem to be hindered one bit.

Playing a mix of their ever-popular Dystopia and the much anticipated release The Crystal Axis the crowd was pretty serious about dancing and having a good time (one guy even held up a bar stool at the end… thankfully, he decided against throwing it) despite infamous Sunday factor which we’re certain had something to do with the show not selling out.

We heard great things about the opening bands, changed last minute from Apache Beat to New York’s Bikini and Toronto’s Gentlemen…The King! who are apparently played excellently in very different ways (especially the latter).

Hard hitting tracks of Midnight Juggernauts set included “Tombstone”, “Nine Lives”, and “Into The Galaxy” all off the 2007 album, which is to be expected considering North America is still waiting for the new album to officially drop a whopping seven months after the Australian release. We aren’t fretting though, because not only did we see them play it live, we also picked up the album at their merch table! Check out a few more photos below.