Microsoft has added two new models to its Surface device series: the Surface Pro and Surface Laptop.

The Surface Pro, while technically a laptop, is a follow-up to the Surface Pro 3 and 4 tablets and a clear improvement over its predecessors. It’s faster, stronger and features a 145-degree kickstand for added functionality (a feature Microsoft calls “studio mode”). Offered in multiple configurations, the Surface Pro retails starting at $799 USD.

The Surface Laptop sports more of a traditional laptop design but still functions like a Surface-series device. Starting at $999 USD, the Surface Laptop comes in a variety of colourways like Burgundy, Platinum, Cobalt Blue and Black. The Surface Pro can also be customized with accessories like the Surface Pro Type and Surface Pen which come in the same bold colourways.

Microsoft recently held a panel discussion about the new Surface models and the future of fashion and technology at their Sherway Gardens Saks Fifth Avenue pop-up. Click here to watch the Facebook stream.

The Microsoft Surface Pro and Surface Laptop are currently available for pre-order and are expected to begin shipping June 15. Visit the Microsoft website for more information.