Metric & Stars at Air Canada Centre Toronto

Last night Metric and Stars went head to head at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. Stars did a fine job of warming up the crowd, who mostly seemed to have arrived early for Metric’s 9:15pm set time. They had a great stage set up with tons of disco balls and their album art from The North, as a backdrop, extending onto their monitors to give a 3D effect. Torquil Campbell hyped the crowd calling out to them, explaining who they were, and thanking the crowd for supporting and investing in art.

Metric were up next, and by then the stadium was looking much more filled out than earlier for Stars. Emily Haines jumped around on stage wearing a butt grazing gold skirt and crazy leather brushed gold tasseled jacket. The crowd went wild for a lot of their new tracks off Synthetica including the ever popular “Youth Without Youth,”  “Speed The Collapse,” and the slower moody “Artificial Nocturne,” and of course the classics “Gold Guns Girls,” “Gimmie Sympathy,”  and “Sick Muse.”

It was kind of hard to enjoy them in such a huge venue, especially after seeing them many times in more intimate settings, but as always, they put on a good show, playing to the largely suburban crowd.

Take a look at our photos of Stars and Metric below.