Mercedes-Benz has unveiled their latest all-electric Vision car, this time under the AMG moniker. The Vision AMG is another step in the all-electric future Mercedes is heading toward for all their vehicles. To help get our minds right, the Vision AMG show-car is a case study on what can and (hopefully) will be. 

Taking design and colour cues from the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula 1 team, the Vision AMG features the Alubeam silver paint job with large-format star pattern across the back wings. The roof tapers as it drops towards the rear, flowing directly into the rear spoiler, giving it an aerodynamic teardrop design.  With monstrous yet fully functional 22-inch wheels and exposed carbon fibre, the sporty high-tech design is futuristic in form and character. However, the four doors add an actual level of functionality and make the car spaciously long.

From a less functional yet totally cool af design standpoint, the Vision AMG features numerous innovative elements, while at the same time nodding to its prized past.  Despite the fact it’s an all-electric vehicle, the show car features an illuminated high-tech grille, even though the car does not need a classic radiator system at the front. Therefore the grille acts as a distinctive visual focal point. In addition, the classic headlamp system has been replaced with an inset three-lined star that looks like something from the terminator. Finally worth noting is the spaceship-vibing new take on the iconic AMG tailpipe system with six (instead of four) glowing red rear exhausts. 

While the outside of the car is a sight to behold the real magic takes place where the sun doesn’t shine. The Vision AMG’s drivetrain components were developed entirely from scratch, including the AMG.EA platform, the high-performance high-voltage battery, and the drive technology. The key component in all of this is the Axial Flux Motor developed by Mercedes-Benz’ owned subsidiary YASA.  The YASA engine is compact and lightweight while delivering substantially more power than conventional electric motors. 

While the Vision AMG is technically a visual representation of what could be, Mercedes is going full throttle towards their all-electric future and this concept car could very soon be a reality. The brand will take their learnings and integrate them into new production model vehicles that will be road-worthy soon enough. As Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer of Mercedes-Benz Group AG says “The Vision AMG shows in spectacular style what electrification could look like at Mercedes-AMG.”