Last night in New York City Mercedes-Maybach presented its new Night Series line of luxury automobiles. Representing the newest chapter in the automaker’s mission to create a uniquely curated portfolio of highly desirable cars, the Night Series features striking and luxurious details both interior and exterior across three Mercedes-Maybach models, including the OG classic S-Class, GLS, and the all-new EQS SUV – the very first electric Mercedes-Maybach.  The Maybach Night Series design package provides style and substance across all three models with a bold appearance, reflecting the vehicles’ progressive character.


The Maybach Night Series design package is curated for all three Mercedes-Maybach models, all of which include elements in dark chrome, rose gold details, a very cool and innovative wheel design refined with a dark-glossy Maybach pattern, as well as herringbone interior accents. As expected, the exquisite details help elevate the whole experience to the next level.

The Mercedes-Maybach S-Class

The Maybach Night Series design package brings the luxury and refinement of the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class to new heights. The classic OG ride allows you to choose from various paint finishes in grey, black and white hues, as well as a unique two-tone Onyx Black/Mojave Silver finish. With rose gold accents in the headlights and dark metallic chrome, elements add to the design’s elegant, stretched silhouette, accentuated by tailpipe trim elements in dark chrome and black. Taking the already iconic luxurious interior of the S-Class to new heights with the Night Series’ exclusive two unique interior colours: MANUFAKTUR Deep White/Black Pearl Exclusive Nappa Leather or MANUFAKTUR Black Pearl Exclusive Nappa Leather.

The Mercedes-Maybach EQS SUV

Having premiered in April 2023, the EQS SUV – the first all-electric Mercedes-Maybach and the newest model from the brand – the Night Series design package is the next level of refinement.  The amount of detailing on this vehicle is next level. There is no way you wouldn’t know this was a Maybach, from the individual headlights adorned with a Maybach emblem in rose gold to the air intake inserts in the front bumper that feature the Maybach emblem in dark chrome. The Night Series design package for the EQS SUV is available with an exclusive Obsidian Black/Mojave Silver two-tone paint finish, as well as Obsidian Black and MANUFAKTUR Diamond White finishes. The interior features Econyl® carpet and vegetable-tanned exclusive Nappa Leather in MANUFAKTUR Crystal White/Black Pearl or MANUFAKTUR Black Pearl colourways.


The Mercedes-Maybach GLS

The GLS Night Series also features a slew of Maybach-specific branding and details that run the length of the entire vehicle.  A personal favourite is the distinctive 23-inch wheel in exquisite Maybach design, making it look like something from the future. The GLS Night Series comes with exclusive Obsidian Black/Mojave Silver two-tone paint and finishes in a white hue or Obsidian Black. The interior has a choice of MANUFAKTUR Black Pearl Exclusive Nappa Leather or MANUFAKTUR Crystal White/Black Pearl Exclusive Nappa Leather. The sophisticated MANUFAKTUR Natural Grain Herringbone pattern wood trim in an open-pore brown finish with aluminum accents exemplifies the vehicle’s unparalleled craftsmanship. Very nice.

The very cool and elite Maybach Night Series design package will be available in Canada for the 2024 Mercedes-Maybach S-Class and the 2024 Mercedes-Maybach EQS SUV alongside the Canadian debut of the non-Night Series edition later in 2023. The GLS Night Series will arrive in Canada in the third quarter of 2024 as the 2025 Mercedes-Maybach GLS.