In honour of Pride Month, Mercedes-Benz Canada has shared a beautiful video that takes a stand against hate speech and slurs.

The short documentary film, titled “Painted with Love,” uncovers Canadian LGBTQ2 peoples’ real experiences with homophobic and transphobic vandalism. To spread the message that “love transforms,” Toronto-based visual artist Thomarya “Tee” Fergus created a vibrant mural inspired by conversations with people from the LGBTQ2 community who have experienced such mistreatment.

In the video, Fergus says:

“It’s important for me to share my experiences and the best way I know how is through my art. As I grow, I definitely see the growth in the art. So I tried to represent everyone’s story, just flow and getting through as well as through the colour. A lot of the time life is all just about the flow. So it was really important for me to turn that negative into a positive and show that love truly transforms.”

Watch “Painted with Love” above.