November is a weird month, you get the last dredges of warm fall days mixed in with the upcoming dreaded winter frost. You end up wearing more clothes designed to keep you warm so you tend to sweat more than summer because your body hasn’t acclimatized yet, but then you are also always freezing. All of a sudden the heat is blasting in your apartment, so now your skin is dry, your lips are dry and you are either sweating or shivering. Basically, November is the bridge from cold to colder and it is pretty depressing. Don’t worry, despite the sad intro above we have all the products you need to stay looking and smelling like a million bucks. So let’s get into it.

Rebels refinery advanced Clear-Skin Facial Cleanser

Rebels Refinery Advanced Clear Skin Facial Cleanser

You absolutely gotta take care of your face! With the Rebels Refinery Advanced Clear Skin Facial Cleanser you get the perfect alternative to using your average bar soap. Infused with aloe to penetrate and protect the skin, and is gentle and effective enough for all skin types. Contains MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) to revitalize and rejuvenate your skin. This will come in particularly handy during the cold months. Purchase yours here.

Musgo Real Lavender Mens Body Soap

Musgo Real Lavender Men’s Body Soap

Speaking of bar soap, there is nothing more satisfying than a good scrub down with a beautifully scented bar of soap. OG Portuguese brand Musgo Real has a delicious and refreshing lavender scent is a nourishing body wash that will leave you with the cleanest, most refreshing feeling possible. This soap combines a robust anti-septic power with a calm, indulgent scent and contains coconut oil to leave your skin feeling clean and moisturized.
They must be doing something right since they have been creating fantastic soap for well over 100 years. Purchase your Musgo Real lavender bar soap here.


DR Harris Windsor Deodorant Stick

D.R. Harris Windsor Deodorant Stick

Nobody wants to smell like B.O. but also nobody wants to put a ton of chemicals into and onto our bodies without knowing the long term effects. Therefore, you should give D.R. Harris Windsor Deodorant Stick a whirl. Made with the distinguished Windsor scent, which is a fresh, complex fragrance starting with citrus overtones and maturing into a warm, leathery scent with notes of black pepper and vetyver. Alcohol-free, long lasting formula that is ideal for sensitive skin. Designed to keep you fresh and confident all day. Grab yours here.


Crown Shaving Co. Body Powder

Crown Shaving Co. Body Powder

First things first, talcum powder is not just for babies. Crown Shaving Co. utilizes the perfect blend of super absorbing ingredients to help keep you fresher, drier and more comfortable. Sprinkle some anywhere you sweat and possibly end up smelling less than fresh and you are good to go. This comes in particularly handy for intimate encounters. Order your bottle here.


Marvis Concentrated Formula Mouthwash


Marvis Concentrated Formula Mouthwash

The Marvis Concentrated Formula Mouthwash is very effective and refreshing and it’s alcohol-free, which makes it more pleasurable. It is formulated with real mint extracts, herbs and spices. The presence of xylitol, a natural extract of bark and birch, sweetens the solution and heightens the feeling of freshness. The propolis extract, known for its disinfectant and antibiotics properties, provides an antibacterial effect. Now you can get up close and personal and not have to worry about your breath. Order yours from Holt Renfrew online.


Tom Ford Hydrating Lip Balm

Tom Ford Hydrating Lip Balm

Now that your breath doesn’t stink you will want to make sure your lips are nice and soft with this ultra-emollient TOM FORD Hydrating Lip Balm. Containing a soothing and conditioning blend of natural oils, vitamins and butters to combat dry lips and improve their smoothness and texture. The balm seals in moisture, helping to protect lips from the effects of any kind of weather so they look and feel comfortable. Plus you will look like a badass pulling out a Tom Ford Lip Balm. Order yours from Holt Renfrew now.
Ursa Major Walnut Razor

Ursa Major Black Walnut Razor

Whether you have a badass beard, cool-guy stubble, or Banker clean shave, you need to have a well-balanced, quality razor. The Ursa Major Black Walnut razor is made from reclaimed black walnut, sourced in New York and along the Southeast Coast. Compatible with Gillette Mach 3 and Venus cartridges, so you probably already to go. Order yours from Ursa Major now.