Calling all Daft Punk fans: Medicom are coming out with Daft Punk toys. This isn’t the first time the Japanese collectible toy makers have made toys of the duo, but what makes these ones that much more dope are the fully functioning LED light displays on their helmets. Standing 12 inches tall and modeled after their colorful Discovery era, these will set you back $256 each if you can manage to get them.

You have plenty of time to save your coin – these aren’t slated for a release until May of next year. Hardcore Daft Punk fans can’t pass up on these.

Have a look at the figures below.

Daft-Punk-V2-Discovery-001 Daft-Punk-V2-Discovery-002 Daft-Punk-V2-Discovery-003 Daft-Punk-V2-Discovery-004 Daft-Punk-V2-Discovery-005 Daft-Punk-V2-Discovery-006Daft-Punk-V2-Discovery-007Daft-Punk-V2-Discovery-008

Bookmark this Medicom link to purchase these Daft Punk figures May 2017.