After debuting in January at Men’s Fashion Week in Paris, famed Italian sportswear brand C.P. Company’s new label, Massimo Osti Studio, has released its second drop, Chapter 2: Trama 3D. The release is chapter two in a multi-chapter format. Each chapter focuses on a particular technique, material or process, centring around the Jacquard technique, based on an industrial process derived from airbag manufacturing and 3D detailing.

The collection has been developed with Limonta | 1893, an industrial group operating in the textile weaving and finishing sectors. Jacquard looms make it possible to create complex patterns directly in the fabric through the automatic movement of the warp thread. This means the garments are created from a single yarn, which develops into an entire panel with placed elements. Once the panel is created, the fabric is laser cut, mapping all the components. This makes it look 3D in a way.


The collection consists of a work jacket, pants, and a bag in two garment-dyed shades of green and gray. All the pieces are made from ECONYL® regenerated nylon. Garment dyed anti-drop treated.

The spirit of the always innovative Massimo Osti lives on in this, his namesake brand, and its continued collections, which have a price point that isn’t too absurd considering their technical nature. Look at the new Chapter from Massimo Osti Studio above and shop it now online only at the label’s website