French designer Marine Serre has been announced as the recipient of 2017’s LVMH Prize for Young Designers.

The 25-year old designer currently works at Balenciaga, but also created her own collection which has been picked up at a selection of stores around the world. Along with the monetary prize of 300,000 euros, Serre will also receive expert mentoring throughout the year.

Speaking to Vogue about her win, Serre has said:

“[This process] has been a great experience. All these major designers are here because they’re interested in what we like to do … We all speak the same [fashion] language, so we could discuss things. 10 minutes go by fast, but sharing my work was a great moment for me. I love what I do and I want to take the time to do it well.”

In addition to Serre’s win, Japanese designer Kozaburo Akasaka received the LVMH Special Prize of 150,000 euros. Akasaka is the first Japanese designer to win an LVMH prize.