Make decorating your home easy with these room-design ideas

When decorating your house, there are several things you should consider, including: lifestyle, budget, personal aesthetic, and preference. However, the most prudent way to begin is with your furniture layout. You need to determine the arrangement of sofas, chairs, storage cabinets, or anything involved with your home’s floor plan. We have put together a guide that works for each room in your house. The following room-design ideas will make decorating your house and furniture enjoyable and easy.

Determine the Focal Point

Determining your room’s focal point will assist with planning your space for a fireplace, TV, artwork, chandelier, and more. Furniture arrangements will fall around the focal point. Allow a maximum of 8-12 feet sitting distance from your TV, and ensure the viewing angle is less than 30 degrees. Put your main couch/sofa facing the TV-mounted wall or additional chaises and armchairs to flank both sides of the TV and visual balance.

To complement this layout, consider including custom furniture, for instance, upholstered armchairs exude a bold touch. If your living room features a fireplace, opt for a layout that enables easy conversations. A semi-circular configuration of furniture placed around your hearth promotes easy interaction with friends and family.

If your living room lacks a TV or hearth, a centered focal-point is a prudent idea. Float two sofas around your coffee table and place chairs within the circle to get rid of any gaps.

Furniture Placement and Sizes

  • Chairs and Sofa

Make sure you measure your space before purchasing these pieces. You don’t want them to be too small or too big, thus ensure sketch a floor plan early. Draw your room’s floor plan on a graph paper using the correct measurements. Try placing chairs in different locations to check which provides the best view.

  • Rug

Use area rugs to determine your seating areas, however, avoid using a small rug. Note that all furniture should sit naturally on your carpet. If space is inadequate, ensure the front legs of massive upholstered pieces are within the rug.

  • Coffee Table

If you are searching for a coffee table, ensure its height is lower than the chair’s seat height placed around it. You can use also a pair of smaller benches or tables rather than a coffee table for a similar look. Ensure people can sit around them with comfortable back and forth leaning.

Consider the Flow of Traffic

Your guests and other room occupants shouldn’t trip over your furniture when passing through the room. Ensure there’s some distance between the chair, coffee table, and sofa.

Make a clear and well-spaced out path that everyone can use to move in and out easily within the room.

Use Proper-Sized Artwork

Objects to hang on walls such as mirrors, sculptures, or art should be installed strategically and in relation to furniture. Refrain from hanging a small picture over your couch, instead opt for a larger art that’s about two-thirds your couch’s length or use an assortment of pieces. There are so many ways to hang pictures on the wall. Whether hang or stick, see which type is better for you. If you are extremely determined to use a specific art piece that’s too small, insert it in a bigger frame with a big matte around it.

Wrapping Up

Implementing the above steps in your room’s furniture layout will offer a nice flow to your house. Consider other things such as what you would like to see first when you enter a room or when you plan to hang items on walls. Ensure the furniture is not inhibiting the air flow and determine what’s most valuable to you before buying or arranging furniture.