Majical Cloudz Announces Second Album “Are You Alone?”

Majical Cloudz announced Are You Alone?, the follow up to 2013’s Impersonator and shared “Silver Car Crash.” While touring with Lorde, songwriter and lead vocalist Devon Walsh had been working on their sophomore album with producer Matthew Otto. The track is melancholic  (“But I am dead already / I am bleeding onto you”) yet sweet (“I know love is worth it / I am in perfect love with you”). Listen above.


1. Disappeared
2. Control
3. Are You Alone?
4. So Blue
5. Heavy
6. Silver Car Crash
7. Change
8. If You’re Lonely
9. Downtown
10. Easier Said Than Done
11. Game Show
12. Call On Me

Are You Alone? is out October 16th via Matador Records.