Mackage Spring/Summer 2015 Collection

Mackage Spring Summer 2015

Here we are; winter. How do we as Torontonians manage to weather the (snow) storm? With impeccable taste in outerwear and no brand is better at this than Montreal-based fashion house Mackage. They creates statement-making outerwear, accessories and handbags for men and women, using high-quality materials perfect for our unpredictable Canadian weather and their unique leathers bring out just the right amount of detail.

Just in time for a case of the winter blues, Mackage steps in with bright looks to look forward to for the spring summer 2015 season. Directors Elisa Dahan and Eran Elfassy were inspired by the idea of a bustling metropolis to create this season. They wanted to incorporate a feeling of strength, excitement and energy from a city and to connect with their styles.

The outerwear demonstrates what the company does best – crisp, clean lines. The outerwear, as always, is practical with a touch of attitude. For men the collection serves up moto jackets, hooded bombers and trenches with leather detail, meant to be light and wearable throughout summer, while for women the colours are a little more playful and daring, while still keeping that minimalism in mind.

You won’t get boring and generic with Mackage. The designers combine a minimalist approach with a touch of over-the-top as inspired by travels from Paris to Tokyo. Mackage leather is noticeably soft, punched with small details on the shoulders and collars, playing with the combination of fabrics and leather. It’s the attention to detail that makes Mackage coats fun and suitably dramatic.

On the handbag side for women are structured and boxy in shape, with colour choices ranging from solid black and golds to electric blues, yellows and hot pinks. Perfect your look with a shoulder bag, detailed clutch, or quilted hobo bag. The looks for the summer are fresh, and subtle.

Mackage brilliantly reminds us that leather never goes out of style. Check out a few of our favourite pieces from the spring summer collection below.

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Mackage Spring Summer 2015-3

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Mackage Spring Summer 2015-1

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