MAC Masterclass Brushes

MAC masterclass brushes

Don’t get freaked out! These are makeup brushes! Not too long ago MAC introduced a set of three ergonomically designed brushes. These “toothbrush” like brushes are designed for flawless and effortless make up application to all areas of the face. Made with synthetic fibers, these brushes pick up and blend product beautifully. The brushes also have a tilted brush tip for ultimate application precision.

Linear Brush 1 ($30.00) Is great for defining and filling in brows. I find the brush to be a bit large for eye and lip lining, however, it is great if you are going for a smudged, smoked out look.

Oval 3 Brush ($38.50) Fantastic for applying cream or powder eyeshadow to lids. Try using the Oval 3 for blending concealer and contouring the hollows of cheeks and nose area. Delish application!

Oval 6 Brush ($50.50) I am obsessed with buffing brushes, as I don’t like to use my hands for foundation application. This brush is amazing! Provides a flawless and even application of foundation and powder.

If you’re into makeup or maybe you are a crazy product junkie, try these out. They are definitely worth the money.

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MAC Masterclass Brushes-3

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