Last week H&M and M.I.A. revealed their partnership ahead of World Recycle Week with a short video teaser that had the net all a buzz. Today we get the full length cut of “Rewear It” as well as the video for the track. The video was shot across the globe and aims to highlight H&M’s commitment to sustainability, explaining that “95% of all textiles thrown away worldwide could get a second life.” A very scary fact when considering the the global penchant for fashion fashion and unyeilding consumerism.  H&M’s World Recycle Week campaign kicks off April 18 and runs through until the 24th,  with the goal to collection 1,000 tons of unwanted or worn-out garments from customers at its 3,600+ stores worldwide. A very noble goal.

Watch “Rewear It” above and head to H&M’s site for more details.