Lowell Shares “Ride” ft. Icona Pop

Canadian electropop singer Lowell shared “Ride,” featuring our faves Icona Pop. The track is a high energy ode to Augusta and Adeline Van Buren, the first women to drive across the U.S. on motorcycles. This happened back in 1916 but we can’t help but love Lowell’s spunky take on it. Let’s face it, we still need feminist anthems and we’re glad Icona Pop helped write this one.

Speaking of the song, Lowell said “‘Ride’ is for everyone out there who has been called ‘abrasive’ for being bold, a ‘rebel’ for rioting, a ‘shit-disturber’ for disrupting the status quo, and, most of all, for all the bad-asses who get called “bitchy” for being BOSS.” Listen to “Ride” above.