Lowell “Palm Trees” Music Video


If you haven’t listened to Lowell’s EP I Killed Sara V yet, which can be fully streamed here on Arts & Crafts’ soundcloud, then you’re missing out on some pop gems that won’t be hidden for long. We’ve already expressed our love for “Cloud 69” and “88” in previous posts but the last two songs, “Palm Trees” and “I Killed Sara V.” steers the EP to a completely opposite direction. Slowing down the tempo, Lowell brings you down slowly from the beat-stomping hooks and erratic energy of the first part of the EP and encapsulates the 3am feeling of coming off an incredible high and you’re left laying in bed with everything around you in a blur.

The music video for “Palm Trees” has been released today, featuring a distorted film packed with a ton of pretty glitchiness while exploring an alternative view of gender and sexuality. Check it out below!