Starting June 12th French fashion house Louis Vuitton will celebrate ten years of participation in Salone del Mobile in Milan with their Objets Nomades collection of furniture and objects. This year the presentation will feature both new and iconic Objets Nomades from the exclusive collection of travel-inspired furniture and décor created by world-renowned designers. Taking place at Garage Traversi, the Maison continues their mission to present a collection of inventive and functional pieces which is now made up of over sixty pieces. Also running concurrent to the Salone, Louis Vuitton will once again present their long-established exhibition of nomadic architecture with the Nova House by Studio Rochel. Nova House will take place at the famous Piazza San Babila.

This year five new Objets Nomades will be debuting at Salone 2022 by Atelier Oï, the Campana Brothers, and Raw Edges. In addition, there will be a substantial selection of other pieces from the collection, created by 14 designers over the past decade. The Objets Nomades collection will be presented at Milanese architectural landmark Garage Traversi and spread across two floors, of the innovative garage planned by Giuseppe De Min in 1939. It’s a design/architecture lover’s dream come true.



Not far from the Objets Nomades the Nova House presentation will also be taking place. Originally designed in 1972 by architects Michel Hudrisier and M. Roma for Studio Rochel, the Nova House is an ovoid “living pod”, with a steel frame covered with 180 made-to-measure aluminum-alloy strips. The building, which houses two bedrooms, a living room, kitchen and bathroom in its 45m2. Very cool.

The Louis Vuitton Objets Nomades exhibition will be open at Garage Traversi, via Bagutta 2, 20121 Milan, June 8th-12th 10 am to 8 pm. The Nova House will be on display at Piazza San Babila, Milan, from June 7th to 12th 2022.