The world’s hardest-working collaborator, Pharrell, is at it once again with his first fragrance in conjunction with his current employer, Louis Vuitton. The new scent, titled LVERS, arrives just in time for those long, hot summer days, as the new scent is supposed to embody the energy of sunlight and the fresh, woody smells of nature. LVERS, made with Maison’s head perfumer, Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud, was designed with the notion of removing the heteronormative constraints of gender-specific scents for a neutral fragrance that would be suitable for everyone.


The main ingredient in LVERS comes from galbanum, a gum resin from an Iranian plant. In addition, there is ginger extract and a middle note of bergamot. The bottle design features the now synonymous camo damier print that Williams has been using extensively in his collections. The bottle also has an additional accessory, a trunk-inspired case that features gold hardware.

LVERS will launch worldwide online and in Louis Vuitton stores on June 19th.