Louis Vuitton City Guides 2011



Here they are! This years Louis Vuitton city guides all neatly colour-coded to coincide with the city each pertains to, containing up to date information for 2011 events, customs, dining currencies, and everything else in between around the globe.


If we may, we’d like to assume we know what you’re thinking here: pretentious expensive guides to the worlds most fancy cities, right? Wrong. We must disagree with your generalization here and insist you give these expertly crafted guides a try next time you travel. Not only do they house a comprehensive viewpoint on the best of the best in each city, they also review places off the beaten path not overrun with tourists in varying price ranges.


In addition to the release of the updated handy little guides (which make a perfect Bon Voyage gift), comes a three wonderful videos of Louis Vuitton’s featured cities Paris, Berlin, and of course New York. Watch them all below.