Lorde “Lost Boys” Unreleased Teaser

LORDE at Osheaga 2014 Montreal-3

Today Lorde has posted a snippet of an unreleased track called “Lost Boys” on her Tumblr. She doesn’t plan to release it in full, but did introduce the clip as such on her site:

found this little guy whilst trawling through my archives and thought it would be a cute thing to share with y’all. we wrote this song called lost boys in about march of last year, we spent a day on it and then never touched it again (it was not a good song, i promise, haha). a lot of people asked what happened to lost boys, and i guess you’ll never hear the other three-quarters of the song, but there was something about these bridge melodies i thought was pretty. so here you go – a little pre-christmas look at the cutting room floor. xo
ps. sorry for shitty iphone quality :~)

Listen to “Lost Boys” here.