Minneapolis rapper & on the rise pop goddess Lizzo has shared a fresh new track & video to match. The new track, titled “Water Me,” is produced by Ricky Reed and is the first new Lizzo tune since the release of her incredible Coconut Oil EP. Directed by Quinn Wilson and Asha Efia the video’s visuals are inspired by Solange’s words, “Water. Melanin. Bones. Blood.” As Lizzo explained via her Facebook

“Water Me” brings the beauty and freedom of water and self love to life. Self care is in the little moments–bathing, sweating, washing your hair.. it’s in laughing so hard you can barely catch a breath, your lungs expanding on a morning jog… now more than ever we need to enjoy the quiet within ourselves. Lately I’ve been seeking peace in personal growth to water and nourish my mind & body. Let us use these moments of reflection to drown out the disquiet of the world.

Lizzo also spoke with The Fader about the new video, saying…

“Water Me” is a labor of love. I pride myself on how quickly I can finish a song but this took 7 months! It’s about needing nourishment, it’s about being loved for who you are. The video concept was a collaboration from my bad ass creative team: me, Andy Madeline, Quinn Wilson and Asha Efia. We’re celebrating black beauty and the meaningful freedom of water.

Watch Lizzo’s soul quenching video for “Water Me” above.