Mighty Japanese rock band Zoobombs brought their wild, live show to Toronto on Tuesday night.

Playing at the Silver Dollar, venue singer Don Matsuo tearfully described it as “like home” halfway through the set, as part of its elegy. Sadly, the venue is to be torn down at the end of the month.

With Zoobombs’ new album Ice Cream & Dirt in tow, the band oscillated between fan favourites like “Highway Go Go” and some newer, lesser known tracks.

Matsuo is a tornado on stage, even flipping his guitar around him at one point, and between his verses is constantly riffing into the audience. While the rest of the band is fairly stationary, musically they’re spot on. The big tragedy of losing the Silver Dollar is the idea of losing Dan Burke as a booker. Burke is the reason Zoobombs have given Toronto so much love over the years and the city will be so much worse off for not having him.




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