Live Music: YACHT in Toronto

Monday night in Toronto a shamefully minute crowd gathered at Lee’s Palace to see Portland’s best art-poppers YACHT. We say shameful because we were kind of shocked at the lack of attendance following their amazing performance at Coachella last month, which was one of our favourites during the festival, coupled with the great reception at their sold out show over a year ago at Wrongbar and after releasing new album details and their latest track “Dystopia” back in March.

Despite feeling a little bit sad for the band, we still danced and had fun to all their new tracks which are still unreleased at this point, but becoming rather familiar to us after hearing them twice live over the past two months. Both Claire, Jona, and the band really made the best of the crowd, which was pretty lame, judging by cat calls like “what makes you so awesome?” and “I have to pee”. Claire even got down in the pit after wrapping the microphone cord around her waist several times as we’ve seen her do in the past, to get up close and personal with the fans.

They always put on a really high energy show, even for a Monday night seeing as it was the day of our Federal Election. Check out our photos of the show below, their single “Dystopia” from the new album, and don’t miss them next time they’re in town! Also, look out for their new album Shangri-La, which drops on June 21st via DFA Records.

Dystopia (The Earth is on Fire)