Montreal indie rock legends Wolf Parade are officially back from their hiatus (YAY) and last night they brought their live show to Toronto’s Great Hall during this week’s oh so packed Canadian Music Week. It was no surprise that the show sold out weeks ago and we were feeling blessed to make it into the building. Less than a year ago they returned into our hearts (who are we kidding they never went away) releasing an EP filled with new Wolf Parade classic tracks and last night they brought the hits (both old and new), hitting the stage stronger than ever.
Straight from the start, the crowd began cheering before their set even began, as fans hollered with excitement in simply hearing a couple familiar chords during a quick soundcheck. By the first song, the Great Hall floors were already shaking and we were all dancing and singing along together. Spencer Krug & Dan Boeckner (go listen to Operators) did their vocal back and forth, hoping between songs from all over the Wolf Parade discography.  We la la la’d along to “Dear Sons and Daughters of Hungry Ghosts” and by the time they played “This Heart’s on Fire” all of our hearts were on fire too. They closed up their set with *the* love song, “I’ll Believe in Anything” as we held strangers and felt hope. Needing more, we cheered for an encore. Luckily for us, Wolf Parade returned to the stage. We hope they never leave the stage and go away on hiatus again, they’re just too good.