Live Music: White Lung at Hard Luck in Toronto

White Lung at Hard Luck in Toronto

What better way to start off the week than to head over to the Hard Luck for some PBRs and BC punk? On April 22nd, Vancouver act White Lung stopped by Toronto to tear our Monday night a new one. Made up of three babes and one lucky dude, White Lung shoved and shouted their songs into our faces and earholes. Agressive? Absolutely. Yes there was a mosh pit, and yes people were crowd surfing, and yes we’re still in recovery.

With tracks from both 2010’s It’s the Evil and last year’s Sorry the set clocked at a short half hour, leaving us wanting more. Drummer Anne-Marie Vassiliou is a machine and it’s no surprise that many make a Courtney Love comparison with front woman Mish Way (a rad writer in her own right as well). They’re currently touring all over North America so check em out if they’re stopping by a city near you. You don’t have to, we just recommend that you do.

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