The Wombats took over NYC’s Terminal 5 last night with tales of drunkenness, dancing, and falling in love with inappropriate people. This is their second visit to New York for their fantastic third studio album Glitterbug and Brits showed up in droves to support the Liverpool band. Maybe it’s because it’s Thanksgiving week in the U.S. or the indie rock three-piece just brings out revelers, but T5 was packed early on in the night with rowdy fans ready to dance. Lead singer Matthew Murphy even remarked that fans could think of their songs as “a workout with The Wombats.”

Murphy’s banter between songs is one of the best parts of their show. He’s pretty honest about how they’ve arrived at their lyrics (“This one’s about falling in love with a stripper” and “I was convinced my then girlfriend was going to have furious sex with our acquaintance”). The other standout is their hyperactive Norwegian bass player Tord Øverland Knudsen, who literally skips across the stage all night. If you get the chance, go dance the night away with The Wombats. It’s totally worth it.

See photos of the show below.

The Wombats

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