Chicago’s The Waco Brothers returned to Toronto’s Horseshoe Tavern on Friday night in support of their new record ‘Going Down In History’. With a long history with the Horseshoe Tavern and the people that run it, the band was in a jubilant mood by the time they took the stage. With a set spanning their lengthy run as a band, leaning heavily on old favourites, they gave the crowd exactly what they wanted.

The Waco Brothers

Waco Brothers-1 Waco Brothers-2 Waco Brothers-3 Waco Brothers-4 Waco Brothers-5 Waco Brothers-6 Waco Brothers-7 Waco Brothers-9

Joe D’Urso & Stone Caravan

Joe DUrso-1 Joe DUrso-3

Jon Langford & Skull Orchard

Jon Langford and Skull Orchard-1 Jon Langford and Skull Orchard-2 Jon Langford and Skull Orchard-3