Live Music: The Used at The Danforth Music Hall, Toronto

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Remember 2005? A packed crowd at the Danforth Music Hall on Sunday night certainly did. Despite many of their contemporaries packing it in, screamo group The Used are still going strong. With a fresh album released in 2014 the band wasn’t lacking for material, but from the reaction they garnered from the crowd, it’s obvious that most of the people there were familiar with the material from back in the bands heyday. The band were full of energy, singer Bert McCracken dominating the stage and spending most of his time on the lip of the stage performing directly to the crowd. Their set covered most of their career, including a somewhat curious cover of Refused’s “New Noise” sandwiched in the middle of their opening song. Despite a somewhat short set (13 songs) they capped off their encore with fan favorite, and ultimate nostalgia trip “Box Full Of Sharp Objects.”

Before The Used were another hardcore group from the past, Every Time I Die. It became clear pretty quickly that they had a huge following among the crowd, and with a set list that covered the prime of their long and critically excellent career it was an exercise in giving the people what they want. When singer Keith Buckley asked for a circle pit so big he could feel it, it was hardly even a challenge as the crowd went wild.

The second band on the bill were English group Marmozets, fronted by singer Becca Macintyre who had a positively wicked scream. While the rest of the band made do, they didn’t quite make the same impression when compared to their singer, she’s certainly a talent to look out for in the future. First on the bill was Los Angeles group The Eeries, channeling Nirvana and California surf rock they made the best of a quick 25 minute set and surely came away with some fans.

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