Live Music: The Sonics at Lee’s Palace, Toronto

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Re-united Washington rock group The Sonics played Toronto on Sunday night, off the back of their first album in 40 years. The hugely influential band has been touring again since 2007, with three of five original members on board they sound just as vital as they ever did. With great reviews for new record “This Is The Sonics” rolling in, the band packed out the venue to the brim, with fans old and young who were all eager to see the band, not to mention they were more than happy to dance along. Opening with classic ‘Cinderella’ they didn’t let up the pace throughout their lengthy set list, with no doubt that they left the fans with everything they wanted.

Opening the show was catl, the band, normally a duo, but now with a touring harmonica player on board, had a solid 45 minutes to make an impression on the fairly impartial crowd. Blasting through a number of hits from across their reasonably substantial discography, they frequently encouraged the crowd to join in and sing along to their songs to decent results. Guitarist Jamie Fleming and drummer Sarah Kirkpatrick both put on one hell of a show and were hard to take your eyes off of as they performed.

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