Live Music: The Balconies, Paper Lions & Electric 6 at CMW 2011

There are very few things sexier than a hot woman who knows how to rock the fuck out! Last Saturday, Sidewalk Hustle attend a rockingly awesome show at Lee’s Palace, here in Toronto for Canadian Music Festival, featuring the Balconies, Paper Lions, and Electric 6.  Although curious about the other acts, especially Electric 6, as their buzz was significant, we were most pumped to see the Balconies, one of our favourite local bands.

When we got to Lee’s The Balconies had just taken the stage and the trio was already ripping through their excellent, if not relatively short catalog of music with a high-octane energy that, to be honest, I did not expect. Although, I am not personally familiar with any of their songs to a point where I would or could distinguish between one tune or another, the bands energy and apparent enjoyment trickled onto the audience, making it hard not to love, especially when coupled with the bro-sis duos respective hotness. Jacquie Neville was a force to be reckoned with considering her classically trained voice perfectly in key and ferociously voluminous, and her outfit of shiny leggings, glittery top, and turquoise high-heels. As an unnamed friend, who works for Sony Music said “she is like a smoking hot girl version of Jimmy Hendricks”.

PEI band Paper Lions were up next and performed a decent, enjoyable set of tunes that had the audience singing along. Although not exactly my personal taste in music, these guys are certainly well versed in musical talent, pulling it off with confidence and a solid sense of style. The whole band was decked out from head to toe in preppy ensembles.

The final band to take the stage was Electric 6, who from all appearances were the crowd favourite. I’ll admit I had no idea who they were and even probed Twitter at one point to see if it was worth sticking around to see them play. The response was a mix of “yes” and “no”, with everyone saying we needed to at least hear them play the track “Gay Bar”. They were alright, in a dark, dank bar rockband kind of way, but after about four songs we decided to hit the road to catch Cadence Weapon’s DJ set.  But don’t let this disway you all from checking them out, as Lee’s was packed with people obviously there to see Electric 6.

Paper Lions

Electric 6