Canadian indie-pop superstars Tegan and Sara joined forces with the Hilton Honors program to bring their fans a show that they aren’t soon to forget. With the band’s recent rise to fame off the back of two great pop records, it’s a bit of a shock to compare the old Tegan and Sara to the new one. While they may not perform with guitars anymore, much of the old charm of the band remains, with sisters Tegan and Sara Quinn stopping frequently to chat with the audience. The set naturally leaned into the newer material, though some older tracks did make an appearance such as 2004’s “Walking With a Ghost”. Opening up the night were Detroit’s JR JR who’ve also made strides to smooth out their sound, and were a great fit as an opener. With some extremely earnest banter, as they tried to figure out just what kind of crowd comes to a Hilton party, they certainly made an endearing case for themselves.

Tegan and Sara

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