Live Music: Santigold and Theophilus London in Toronto

With the announcement of a new album from Brooklynite Santigold, she’s been going hard dropping videos, wearing Alexander Wang bodysuits, performing on Jimmy Fallon, and double weekend at Coachella last month. We haven’t seen her in Toronto since September 2008 when she performed alongside A-Trak at the Guverment as Santogold and we can safely say she’s still an artist we look forward to seeing live, and over time, she’s stayed cool and maintained a humble image.  

Theophilus London warmed the crowd at Kool Haus on Tuesday night with a good energy that seemed to stem from the beats rather than his song lyrics. Always about the party and getting the crowd hyped, he asked a few girls jokingly if they wanted to come on tour with him, and later handed them each a beer before leaving the stage. He later made an appearance at the merch booth to greet his fans.

Santigold performed nearly every track from Master of My Make Believe in full costume with the help of her cone-head wearing band and back-up dancers, along with a few tracks from her first self-titled (at one time) album Santogold including “Shove It”, “L.E.S. Artist” “Say Aha”, “Lights Out” and “Creator” in which welcomed a bunch of fans on stage. Crowd favourites of the evening were of course the singles thus far off the new album “Big Mouth” and “Disparate Youth”, but we really loved the ballad of sorts “The Riot’s Gone” and “Look At These Hoes” which Santi said they hadn’t played very often in concert. The ass shaking horse also made an appearance during the set.

Thought it seemed a shame the house wasn’t more packed for the Tuesday night show, it was clear that those who made the trip had a good dance and stayed for the encore. Check   out Santigold below giving her all.