Live Music: Rick Ross at the Guvernment in Toronto

Rick Ross at The Kool Haus in Toronto

Last night, Sunday June 15th, Maybach Music Group kingpin, Rick Ross, took the stage at Toronto’s Guvernment proving that he is Hip Hop’s Mastermind. Playing up the stereotypical “rapper’s are always late,” Ricky Rozay burst on stage an hour and a half past his call time. What was he doing? Well according to Twitter, watching the Spurs destroy the Heat. Those that had the fortitude to stick it out and waited around were treated to a journey through a cornucopia of his club anthems, performed poorly. It was a bit of a disappointment to many, but the true Rozay fans loved every minute of it.

Take a look at the pictures below, especially the one of him taking a Selfie. Deep homie, deep.

Rick Ross at The Kool Haus in Toronto-Meta

Rick Ross at The Kool Haus in Toronto-Full Body


Photos by Julien Bowry