A couple weeks ago, Toronto DIY bad-ass glitter punk act Peeling (formally Mexican Slang) released the new EP Rats In Paradise. They’ve since returned home from their North American tour where they were playing with acts like Duchess Says & Preoccupations. Last night, Peeling played their homecoming show/official EP release party at new Garrison spin-off venue Baby G. Openers Eyeballs & Cellphone warmed things up, then as midnight hit Peeling took the stage. 

Not even 5 minutes into their set, Peeling had our brains peeled like naked bananas and then turned them to mush. Singer and guitarist Annabelle Lee was the most confident ray of rock and roll. With glitter on her face that matched her guitar, she simply slayed. Not to mention her line-up… You may recognize bassist Jimmy Tony Rowlinson from Dilly Dally. Dude slays.You also may recognize Alana Marta DeVito from TOPS or her solo project Bobbypin, who also slays. The vibe was on point and everyone in the room was feeling it.
It was some spellbinding stuff. By the end of the set they had everyone in the palm of their hands, hypnotized by their vibe. 

Peeling’s new EP Rats In Paradise is out now on Buzz Records, grab a copy of it here. Do it, we dare you.