Live Music: OK Go at Phoenix Concert Theatre, Toronto

OK go - 3

If you’re anything like me, the first thing that comes to mind when you hear ‘OK Go’ are their kind of kitschy–but more so innovative and entertaining–music videos. My first exposure to the band, likely along with many others, was their video for ‘Here It Goes Again’ and the second was the video game Rock Band (obviously). To say that the Los Angeles-based band has an affinity for spectacle would be an understatement. Everything I had seen up until this concert was a visual marvel of sorts, and their set at the stuffed and sweaty Phoenix Concert Theatre was no different.

The band alternated between playing behind projections on a thin fabric, old-school (sans fabric), to being physically both inside and on top of the crowd. Lead singer Damian Kulash made sure to ask if the audience was “safe” before jumping in, to which someone responded “we’re Canadian.” Audience interaction played a huge role in the show, from recording audience noises for ‘Obsession,’ to fielding fan questions between songs. There was never a dull moment because I was constantly keeping my eyes peeled for the next stunt/psychedelic montage.

Did I mention there was confetti?

Check out some picture from the show below, including one where Damian is shooting a ray of purple light out of his chest.

OK Go Toronto - 5

OK go - 4

OK go Toronto - 1

OK go Toronto - 2