Live Music: Neon Indian at The Phoenix in Toronto

On a surprisingly packed Phoenix for a Tuesday night in Toronto, Neon Indian dazzled chill hungry electro fans with some rather amazing live production, a neat robotic like structure as the centre piece on stage, and frontman Alan Palomo’s super energetic dance moves. 

The crowd seemed pretty divided between their two albums dancing harder to “Mind, Drips” and “Psychic Chasms” off the 2009 album by the same name, as well as lots of fresh tracks from last years wildly successful Era Extraña, one of our picks for best albums of 2011 Of course everyone loves “Polish Girl” and “Hex Girlfriend” but we really thought Alan Palomo rocked harder on “The Blindside Kiss”, “Halogen (I Could Be A Shadow)”, “Future Sick”, and one of our favourite older tracks “Deadbeat Summer” off Psychic Chasms. 

They’ve come quite a long way since we saw them at Canadian Music Week back in 2010 when they played The Windish Agency showcase back when it was just Alan Palomo, his cute sweaters, and Leanne Macomber who performed the live sets. Fresh off their first Coachella appearance, they’ve expanded their band to include a newish drummer Jason Faries, an electronic dude Michael Menert, and Lars Larsen on guitar, with Leanne Macomber off and on keys to play bass in a few tracks.

It’s nice to have more members in the live Neon Indian and we thought the sound, in comparison to 2010, has really benefited from proper production (not bedroom) and those additional musicians dedicated to their own particular role within sound. Not to mention it gives Alan Palomo more time to show off his signature dance moves.

Take a look at some of the photos below.