Live Music: MS MR at Wrongbar in Toronto

MS MR at Wrongbar in Toronto

Wednesday night at Wrongbar New York indie poppers MSMR took the stage right on time for their first ever headlining set in Toronto, following an short opening set for Jessie Ware earlier this month at Opera House. Lead vocalist Lizzy Plapinger started off a little shy at first but by the second track she was her usual bubbly energetic self, all smiles from the contagious crowd loving it.

We never thought we’d come across another person as obsessed with patterns as we are, but Lizzy delivered yet another rad outfit complete with under the sea print leggings and glittery wedges. Also, incase you’re wondering her multi coloured hair was still intact and this time, styled curly.

But back to the music. They played all their hits off their EP Candy Bar Creep Show including “Hurricane”, “Bones” and “Dark Doo Wop” as well as few new track we had yet to hear them play live off their recently dropped debut full length Second Hand Rapture.

Take a look at our photos below and snag their album, because this duo is starting to blow up!

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MS MR at Wrongbar in Toronto-5