Live Music: MØ at Wrongbar in Toronto

MØ Wrongbar Toronto May 2014

Scandinavian electronic pop princess Mø put on an immaculate performance to a sold out sweaty crowd at Wrongbar last night. Stepping on stage dramatically to the ghostly vocals of “Fire Rides”, the Danish singer contorted her body in a melodramatic fashion. The lithe movements were quickly replaced when she literally jumped into “XXX 88”. The audience clambered on top of each other and crawled onto whatever higher surface they could find to get a glimpse of her hurricane-like dance moves, which involved thrashes, punches,  high kicks, and pony tail swinging. Despite her endless wild dancing which would’ve left the normal folk panting, her voice was strong and flawless throughout the whole set.

Over the flurry of her limbs, her voice swelled throughout the room and effortlessly hit all the notes and more. The crowd favourites were obvious, such as her breakthrough single “Pilgrim” and “Walk This Way” as the crowd got louder and the room got a lot hotter. Only stopping to say thank you and tightening the scrunchie holding her tight high braid, Mø flew through her set which consisted mostly of tracks from her debut album No Mythologies to Follow and EP Bikini Daze, occasionally strolling into the crowd.

The sheer intensity from the stage and the audience literally dripped as everyone sweated their week’s worth of calories. Mø’s thin cotton shirt was transparent with sweat and her braid sprayed the crowd with perspiration as she whipped her head back and forth like a lasso.

Ending the set with “Never Wanna Know” and “Glass”, the more delicate tunes from her recent album, the energy didn’t die down as the band injected bass-heavy beats and Mø crowd surfed her way to the back of the crowd. The winning moment solidifying her performance was when she returned for an encore with a lush and synthy version of “Say You’ll Be there” by Spice Girls in which she embodied almost the same poses and wide legged leaps of Sporty Spice in the 90s and “Don’t Wanna Dance” which got the whole crowd hopping and shaking out whatever energy they had left.

Mø’s energy saturated Wrongbar and for those who were lucky enough to snatch up tickets before they were sold out, they saw the raw and fierce energy of the singer that gives current pop headliners a run for their money.

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