Live Music: MØ at The Hoxton in Toronto

 MØ Toronto September 2014 The Hoxton

Sunday at the Hoxton marked the second time for Danish singer MØ in Toronto. The bar was high last night, as we knew the singer could throw an impressive and sweaty dance fest as she did at Wrong Bar but the crowd was not at all disappointed by MØ’s incredible performance. Although still performing songs mostly from her debut LP No Mythologies To Follow, which was released last March, the songs seemed fresh and hit every level of intensity it possibly could as if they were released last week. MØ’s music translated beautifully to a live show as the lush synths were mixed with clear guitar riffs, and physically rumbling bass with their beats brought out more by the duality of the electronic and real drum set.

MØ’s performance teemed with pure and unaltered dance moves that didn’t seem to have been filtered by any self-consciousness yet looked intriguingly cool. It gave me a sense of glee when her constant manic head banging unfurled her signature tight braided ponytail into a sweaty unkempt whip with baby hairs sticking to her neck, looking like how I would after a gym session. This is probably why MØ is so captivating and relatable unlike other pop stars where perfection and glossiness is key; sweatiness and seemingly awkward dance moves which usually aren’t shown off in public were flaunted proudly with sass on stage by the Danish singer. Her stamina was also equally impressive as she maintained a high level of energy throughout the set without any signs of stress in her voice. For a little over than hour, Mø spent her time relentlessly prowling through and dancing in the crowds and even making her way dance on the bar top near the back of the venue.

Mø wrapped up the night with her Spice Girls cover of ‘Say You’ll Be There’, which may have broken the record for most males dancing to the 90’s girl group post-2000, and her infectious single, ‘Don’t Wanna Dance’. The palpable level of escalated last minute as the crowd went crazy when the singer picked one lucky guy’s shoulders to sit on as she belted out the last chorus of the night. Hopefully, MØ will have another album under her belt the next time she’s in Toronto. If not, the crowd last night at The Hoxton proved that we’re more than happy to dance to these tunes again.

MØ Toronto September 2014 The Hoxton-2