Live Music: Loco Dice At Movement 2012 (feat. Ice T)

Photo Credit: Consequence of Sound

After Marco Carola wrapped up his set on the mainstage at Movement 2012, he gave way to Loco Dice. Before Dice came on, a somewhat familiar looking dude came on the stage, in his signature baritone it appeared to be Ice T, much to the surprise of the crowd. Iced motherfuckin’ T, Bitch (as he introduced himself), pumped up the crowd and even introduced his wife Coco before letting Dice do his thing.

Expectations were high for Loco Dice, given that they have a unique take on electronic music which includes mixing shades of hip hop with deep tech-house and techno. Dice started off strong with many of those aforementioned touches finding their way into his set. But as he settled in to the set, he ended up veering a little too far away from the hip-hop elements that we wanted to see. He kept the techno driving though, and evidenced by the crowd reaction, most people seemed to be pretty happy with his set, even if we weren’t.