Live Music: Lisa LeBlanc at The Dakota Tavern, Toronto


“Daaaaaaamn” somebody in the crowd exclaimed midway through Lisa LeBlanc’s incredible Dakota Tavern set. The reason? she’d strummed a chord on her Rickenbacker guitar, the tone alone sending shivers through the audience. The New Brunswick born Trash Folk artist was flawlessly working her way through a set comprised of songs from her French debut LP and English follow up EP. LeBlanc showed an almost flawless amount of skill on both the banjo and the guitar, she also showered as much praise as she could on her spot-on backing band.

After taking a gauge of just how bi-lingual the audience was, she proceeded for the most part in both languages. The music can be described in many ways, but whether you call it folk, bluegrass, or rock, it’s the kind of music where you find yourself clapping your hands, stomping your feet, and not giving a damn if the songs happen to be in a language different to your own. “Would you like to sing along to a trashy french song?” she asked as she entered her encore, having already covered Motorhead’s ‘Ace Of Spades’,  god damn right we would.

Lisa LeBlanc

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